• Custom home
  • Located in the beautiful Stoneridge subdivision, Cleveland’s 2010 Community of the Year
  • Built to be up to 50 percent more energy efficient than the energy code
  • Model will demonstrate to visitors many green features and techniques
  • One-story living with a very functional floor plan and luxurious amenities
  • Custom-built pantry, lockers, bookshelves and more
  • Large outdoor entertaining area
  • Extra-efficient insulation, building materials and mechanical equipment
  • More comfortable home that costs less to own

Since 1993, family-owned Payne & Payne Builders Inc. has strived to build better homes, and “green building in essence is just building better,” says Mike Payne, vice president of operations. “It’s energy efficient, it lasts longer and is better for the environment.” Understanding how the house works and how materials in the house interact with each other is an important part of that, says Payne.

A.D. Architecture designed this year’s Green Home Tour model with interior design by Eric and Annie Payne. Noteworthy green features include a high-efficiency modulating furnace, all Energy Star appliances and light fixtures, dual-flush toilets to use less water, upgraded insulation and ZIP System exterior sheeting. Low- or no-VOC paints, high-efficiency air cleaners and hypoallergenic carpets will create better indoor air quality for homeowners. The home will be approximately 45 percent more energy efficient than a standard home built to meet the building code, and it is expected to achieve a Gold-level certification.

Payne & Payne applied advanced framing techniques to conserve lumber and materials and to maximize areas for insulation. A recycling program was utilized for all construction wastes and some recycled materials were used to build. All of the company’s homes incorporate some level of green design, techniques and materials. For its efforts, Payne & Payne was named the 2009/2010 National Custom Builder of the Year and earned the “Best Green Built Homes” title in Cleveland for the past several years.